Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Ravens Tale: Inspiration Unveiled

Ever wonder what inspired NOM*d's latest collection? The 'Viva' section of the New Zealand herald.recently interviewed Margi alongside 4 other influencial NZ designers. Here's what she had to say:
Designer Margi Robertson's collection of vintage New Zealand souvenir scarves formed the inspiration for the spring/summer Nom*D collection, called A Raven's Tale. Robertson has had a longstanding love of scarves, having featured them in collections past - memorably, the scarf skirts of the late 1990s, which were each made up of five vintage scarf panels. She recalls needing around 1000 scarves to complete the orders, resulting in a massive collection; although some were too precious to be cut up, especially her collection of beautiful old souvenir prints.

"In the years following, whenever an opshop mission was on, I couldn't go past an amazing scarf," she explains, "so currently I would have a collection of about 200. When my mother passed away last year, we discovered she had about 200 as well! Of course, some of those are in our archives, too".
These kitsch souvenir prints find their way into this season's collection via a vintage look, sepia-toned print featuring iconic New Zealand imagery and the quirky place name, 'Nom*D-land'. Robertson also drew some inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe, The Alan Parsons Project's rock interpretation of his work, and the idea of a raven "gradually morphing to an all-seeing bird's eye view".
By Zoe Walker, NZ Herald.

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