Friday, March 8, 2013

Company of Strangers


AW 13

POP SHOP is inspired by the bold public murals of revolutionary New York street artist Keith Haring. Company of Strangers designer Sara Aspinall has curated a circle of local Dunedin artists across the collection to realise her vision.

 “Keith Haring’s works were made to be seen and appreciated by the public,” says Aspinall. “I love the idea that the garments we’re creating will make the wearer feel vibrant and confident – and that people on the street can view and enjoy these striking pieces.”

Inspired by Patti Smith’s nostalgic descriptions of both the legendary hotel and 1960’s Coney Island, Company of Strangers designer, Sara Aspinall, has imagined transplanting the inhabitants of the Chelsea to the faded piers of that other cultural landmark. Here she has envisioned a bohemian festival-to-end-all-festivals; a dream assemblage of decades of art, music, fashion and offbeat camaraderie.

The vivid selection of POP SHOP colours echo those used in Haring’s works – violet, scarlet red, hot pink, neon yellow – and the collection repeats the graphic style of the artist’s black lines through its prints.

 The over-sized slouchiness in recent Company of Strangers collections gives way to a more slim-lined silhouette this season – although there are still one-size-fits-all options for those who desire them. Sportswear influenced dresses flow from complex designs that create their own shapes through movement.

Dresses are slashed through the back, singlets weave in an out of each other, and hemlines tuck back up into waistbands to create additional drape – as if the pieces were conceived already perfectly styled.

 Tunics are reversible, one side esembling a simple Mondrian shift, while the other drapes beautifully, with contrasting panels either printed or blocked in clashing POP SHOP colourways.

The label’s signature silk georgettes feature heavily, this season mixed with a heavier viscose georgette. Leather reappears throughout the collection, combined with wool Melton, silks, viscoses and silk/model knits.

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